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In the field we work for, the exchange and sharing of any information is important for the growth of the Italian network. The organization of events both technical and wide-spectrum allow the strengthening of the relations created during this year among MIX and the telecommunication operators.
With a reference to the Enlightenment period where the salon was a place to meet and socialize and where to spread knowledge while developing new contacts, we have decided to use this name to identify our two appointments:

"Salotto" (Salon) is open to all the people who want to participate (Chairmen, technical managers, journalists etc...); it has a main topic supported by the specific experiences of the several invited speakers.

"Salottino", instead, is an event dedicated only to our members and deals with technical aspects. The agenda is defined according to our members needs.

The common guideline is the simplicity of the context: a relaxed and friendly environment where each participant has the opportunity to contribute freely with the other participants.

Find below the materials of appointments already held:


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