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Mix offers several services useful to the interconnection of Internet backbones and the exchange of IP traffic between them.

Thanks to its own data center room exclusively dedicated to Internet operators, Mix offers full services for all interconnections you may need at Layer 1, Layer2, Layer 3, presenting itself as the single interface for any possible issue.

The service that Mix offers to any ISPs or Carrier is turnkey and it’s fully managed and controlled internally . All these Internet operators, at Mix, can find : Co-lo space, Meet-Me-Room , switching platform for peering relationship (Private or Public), support for the configuration and installation of peering equipment, “out of band” access, analysis of traffic anomalies and the visibility of particularly sophisticated statistics .

In this area we describe the services available for ISPs who want to make peering arrangements with other ISPs and those for Carriers who want to give transit to or from the data center room and create connections with the providers co-located in the same data center room.

In the section “Documents”, you can find all the rules and fees you have to accept for the services you need.



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