In 2011 MIX opened the first PoP outside Caldera Park in Milan, in the historic metropolitan data centre of Redbus Telecity. Following the corporate acquisition by Equinix, the DC was renamed ML2, in line with Equinix’s international naming. In 2022 MIX also expanded into the new ML5 data centre, “100% made by Equinix”, located in Settimo Milanese, in the same district where the Data4 campus is located.

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Company Country ASN
AT&T Global Network Services US 2686
Equinix IT 15830
Lutech/ ICTeam IT 20924
Imperva Inc. US 19551
Zscaler US 62044
Blizzard Entertainment FR 57976
Dropbox IE 19679
Cisco US 36692
G Core Labs LU 199524
Zenlayer US 21859
Cato Networks UK 13150