In March 2020, the MIX PoP located at Palermo/Carini officially became “MIX Palermo”, the first regional IX of MIX with its own technical autonomy. First activated in 2017, the PoP resides within Open Hub Med, of which MIX is a founding member. 

MIX Palermo is a peering environment dedicated to locally connected operators which facilitates and encourages data exchange and ensures the best possible latency. It is a simple solution that guarantees locally connected operators can exchange and access data using the shortest available route. 

This technological choice is fundamental at a time when the PoP has seen the direct connection of the first OTT and is being further populated by content operators whose delivery requires local platforms (caches) to improve access times. With MIX Palermo, a new conceptual approach to peering in Italy has been launched. The unequivocal trend of the decentralisation of network services enabled by increasingly high-performance and high-speed access technologies cannot in fact ignore the need to create interconnections at a local level.

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peak Gb/s

current Gb/s

capacity Gb/s

Company Country ASN Capacity
8Route/ Giulio Lo Presti IT 34428 20 G
Atomo Networks s.r.l. IT 210129 10 G
Bluwifi / Newmediaweb IT 203180 10 G (pooling)
Facebook US 32934 10 G
Fiber Telecom IT 41327 10 G
Freecom IT 202193 10 G (pooling)
Maide IT 204809 10 G (pooling)
Mandarin IT 47408 10 G
Neomedia IT 206617 10 G (pooling)
Speed-Net IT 204947 10 G (pooling)
Stel Sardinia IT 211886 10 G
Wish Networks IT 199362 10 G

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